Automatically filling in a form


R Lee

I'm looking to create a form by which I can select a supplier from a drop
down menu. From the selection, I'd like to create boxes that automatically
fill in the address, city, state, zip, and contact name in other form boxes
for simplicity from my supplier table.

The form is meant to address returned products from my customers, and then
ensure that the products are returned to the appropriate suppliers for easy
corrective action.

I'm relatively new at Access, but have been teaching myself decently enough
and I'm beginning to wrap my brain around it. But, some explanation will be
needed if including complicated VB code or anything like that.




Duane Hookom

Could you share something about your table structures?
Do you only need to display the address, city, state, zip, and contact name
or do you think you need to store all of these values in another table.
Storing duplicate information is generally not a good idea. If you have a
customer table, you should be able to lookup the values.

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