Automatically add records from a new sheet to master sheet



I have 15 sheets with same format . One of themis a master sheet whcich
is adding infomration from the cells and rows form the other sheets in
the same rows and cell.
Suppose Master sheet adds all the records from Sheet from cells B1 of
SheetA2 to SheetA14 in cell B1 of Master sheet.

The problem is the number of sheets is dynamic. everytime there is new
data ,a new sheet is inserted like A15 , A16 and so on .
Is there a way for the master sheet to recognize the new sheet and add
the same ( row col ) data in itself.

I would really appreciate your help.





You can add 2 "dummy" sheets, one after the master, before SheetA2, and the
other after whatever your last sheet is ... A14 or whatever.
Name these sheets "Start" and "End" (no quotes).

Then, as you create new, additional sheets, place them before the "End"
sheet, keeping all sheets that you wish to have calculated in between the
"sandwich" of the "Start" and "End" sheets.

Now, you revise your formula to something like this:


You can create "what if's" by dragging a particular sheet *out* of the
sandwich, therefore removing it's values from the totaling formulas.

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