Automatic Updates program not launching



I reinstalled windows 2004 sp4 and IE6 a couple of days ago and for some
strange reason Automatic Updates hasn't attempted to connect to the internet
at all.

1. Automatic Updates IS enabled, with options to notify on download and on

2. The service (svchost.exe -k wugroup) seems to be operating.

3. My firewall hasn't been "bothered" by the executable yet, meaning that AU
still hasn't attempted to connect to Microsoft.

Is there another service that is vital for the operation of Automatic
Updates? As far as I can see, it has no dependencies....

Sky King


In the Services list, you need to have AU set to Automatic; BITS to
Manual or Automatic, and Event Log to Automatic.

If you visit the Windows Update website and do a Custom Scan, do items
install normally? Are there Error numbers listed in your
WindowsUpdate.LOG file for the last few sessions?

What firewall are you using? You may need to add "" and
"" to any Exceptions list that firewall uses. Also
allow ActiveX controls from MS to run on your system.



Tom "Sky" King

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