Automatic updates-2 problems


Harmon Koeltz

Running XP Home SP2
I have Automatic Updates set to download and install but it seems I still
find the yellow shield in the systray and have to click install.
Occasionally, I get a shield on the turn off button to install on turn off.
Never saw that until a week ago.

The big problem is two updates that have downloaded: KB920907 Outlook 2003
Junk Mail Filter and KB921566 Security Update for Office 2003. I click to
install and the installation fails. The message is Updates were unable to be
installed sucessfully. Also have the icon on the turn off button. I turn the
machine off and get the warning not to unplug it as two updates are being
installed but they never get installed

Thanks in advance




Will Denny


You may like to check with the Windows Update News Group:

news:// or


Will Denny
MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
Please reply to the News Groups

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