Automatic Update Hangs System



I can't run any programs for about 60 secs. after startup when I have
Automatic Updates on.
I have Automatic Updates set to notify. I even have problems bringing up
Task Manager.
The programs I tried to run eventually run but only after a seemingly long
I went to the Windows Update web site and it seemed like it took for ever to
my system for needed updates.
When I turn Automatic Updates off the problem is gone. Even though I see
a service in task manager called audctl.exe. (I believe that was the name.)
If Automatic Updates
are turned off why would this service run at startup.
Also, Windows Update tried but failed to install Office 2003 Service Pack 2.
I disabled my virus software for the heck of it even though I have the
updates for the
virus software turned off.

Any help will be appreciated,

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