Automatic Update distribution of IE8 (FYI)


PA Bear [MS MVP]

[Crosspost to WinXP, Vista, & Windows Server General newsgroups; Follow-up
set to IE General]

Prepare for Automatic Update distribution of IE8
Starting on or about the third week of April [2009], users still running IE6
or IE7 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server
2008 will get will get a notification through Automatic Update about IE8.
This rollout will start with a narrow audience and expand over time to the
entire user base. On Windows XP and Server 2003, the update will be [a]
High-Priority [update]. On Windows Vista and Server 2008 it will be [an]
Important [update].

IE8 will not automatically install on machines. Users must opt-in to install
IE8. Users will see a Welcome screen that offers choices: Ask later, install
now, or don’t install.


Users who decline the automatic update can still download it from or from Windows Update as an optional update...
Source & more:

Internet Explorer 8 Delivery through Automatic Updates
Automatic Updates will notify all such users (including those with Automatic
Updates configured to automatically download and install updates) when
Internet Explorer 8 has been downloaded and is ready to install. The
notification and installation process will not start unless and until a user
who is a local administrator logs on to the machine. Users who are not local
administrators will not be prompted to install the update and will thus
continue using Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7.
Source & more:



Martin C

I had problems after installing IE7 (which kept crashing), so rolled back to
If I have bad problems with IE8, can I roll back with this as well?



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