Automated Regression Testing Tools


Amos Soma

Can anyone suggest automated regression testing tools they use for the .Net
apps? We would like to begin nightly automated testing of our apps. If it
matters, we use Infragistics for our presentation layer.

Thanks very much.




Actually, I will mention, if you end up using NUnit AND you end up
using NUnit Forms (an extension you can d/l which applies NUnit style
unit testing to Windows Forms) that you will get test failures due to
the infragistics controls. Infragistics is great, but the WinForms
stuff does some mildly funky things to theme its controls and this
breaks NUnit forms (sort-of)

You can modify NUnit forms code (love that FOSS) but unless you are
more sophisticated than me, there will be a memory leak. NUnit forms
invokes a lot of Win32 stuff to build a non-visible desktop and an
infragistics hidden window doesn't get properly disposed of... anyway
it's mildly annoying but if you need to know more email me and I"ll try
to be more clear.

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