Automate web form processing and spend more time on selling



For any business to grow, you need to spend more time with the
prospects/leads than on the prospects/leads. But the fact is, sales
professionals spend more time processing the leads than spending time
with the prospects/leads.

A typical example for this is web form processing. Prospects who visit
the websites fill inquiry forms, contact forms, download forms or some
type of web form to receive some sort of information or service. The
data that is gathered through these web forms are sent as emails to
sales professionals.

Sales professionals receive hundreds of emails on a daily/weekly
basis. They manually download the email leads, extract it and then
enter the lead information into their database. They manually copy
data from multiple web form fields and paste them into the respective
fields in their database. It eventually consumes a lot of time and it
is tiresome too. As a result, they are left with very little time to
reach the prospects or make a timely follow-up.

An additional resource increases the cost and there is every chance
for typographical errors. This is where a web form processing software
can help sales professionals automate web form processing and spend
more time on selling.

A web form processing software helps you streamline the daily lead
management routines. The web form processing software enables you to
quickly and effortlessly import emails to database. It completely
eliminates manual email lead data entry and helps you spend your
precious time on selling or following up with your leads.

In addition, the web form processing software helps you to quickly
schedule follow-up activities with your leads. The built-in auto
responder enables you to quickly reach or follow up with your leads.
The automated web form processing software also eliminates manual lead
distribution. The round robin forwarding feature automates routing of
email leads to your sales team.

eMail-Lead Grabber is one such web form processing software that helps
you automate email form processing and transfer your email leads to
your database. It automatically extracts emails from Microsoft
Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. and transfers them to your database.
eMail-Lead Grabber works with the most popular contact managers like
ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Outlook, Access, and Excel, and works with
different formats of incoming leads such as text, HTML and XML. eMail-
Lead Grabber can also process third party leads.

eMail-Lead Grabber reduces manual data entry time by 90%, and it helps
you automate web form processing and spend more time on selling.

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