Automatci shutdown does not work

Discussion in 'Windows XP General' started by Jason, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Jason

    Jason Guest

    I recently upgraded to windows XP SP1. Unfortunately,
    when I slect power of, the computer does not
    automatically shut off. I must physically turn the power
    off myself. Please let me know what I need to change. I
    was told my Bios, but that is all I know. ANy help in
    telling me where these are and how to do tis would be
    greatly appreciated
    Thanks for your help
    Jason, Aug 10, 2003
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  2. Jason

    Jake Guest

    Windows XP Shutdown Troubleshooter
    Jake, Aug 10, 2003
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  3. Jason

    Michelle Guest

    Hi Jason., I actually have been having the same
    problem..I just called HP up this morning and the guy
    made me do the following:

    Go to the Start menu, go to Run then type MSCONFIG..look
    under the Startup tab...this is where a lot
    of 'background' programs are running..many of which you
    don't need running and I believe are causing the computer
    to not shutdown properly (cause some applications are
    still running)...he made me uncheck quite a few of theses
    too many to list but if you want I'll list the ones i DID
    NOT uncheck..all the rest you'll should uncheck..
    RunDll32 insxk50c

    The other thing he also made me do was:
    Start menu-->Control panel-->Performance and maintence--
    click 'settings', under system failure uncheck
    automtically restart.

    Hope this helps!
    Michelle, Aug 10, 2003
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