Autofit Row Missing Text


Dennis Yniguez


In a simple Excel column, I have cells that are all formatted to "Wrap
text." There is no merging, just a few lines of wrapped text inside
each cell.

Sometimes a cell will print out, or be seen on the screen, without the
last line of text. I can stretch the cell by hand to display the
entire text, but I have pages of cells and am not being paid to do
things manually. (I can get Microsoft Word tables (UGH!) to display
the text properly, but then I lose the easy calculating and cell
handling that I need in Excel.)

Is there any way to make sure that what I type in a wrapped Excel cell
prints out without any missing words or characters?

(I'm using Excel 2003, and the font is Times New Roman 12.)



Dave Peterson

Maybe you could add alt-enter as the last character in that cell--it'll force a
new line in that cell. If that prints or doesn't print, you probably won't

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