AutoFilter... not quite right



I have a Inputbox i would like to use to set the AutoFilter criteria1. Then
display the results of that filter on the active worksheet. This is what i
have so far...

Sub Sort()
Dim Message, Title, MyValue
Message = "Please Enter A Date"
Title = "Title"
MyValue = InputBox(Message, Title)
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:=MyValue
End Sub

The code almost works, it select the headers, creates the auto filter but
dosent display the results of the filter. the ultimate goal here is to only
see the date entered on the active sheet to be printed. Any help would be



Dave Peterson

VBA and autofiltering is pretty USA centric...

Instead of:
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:=MyValue


Selection.AutoFilter field:=2, _
criteria1:=">=" & format(cdate(myvalue), "mm/dd/yyyy"), _
operator:=xlAnd, _
criteria2:="<="& format(cdate(myvalue),"mm/dd/yyyy")

You may want to add some checks to see if the myValue was really a date, too.

Some background:

Ron de Bruin sent me this message in a private email a few months ago:

See also Stephen his Autofilter notes in this PDF

The AutoFilter method of a Range object is a very curious beast. We are forced
to pass it strings for its filter criteria and hence must be aware of its string
handling behaviour. The criteria string consists of an operator (=, >, <, >=
etc.) followed by a value. If no operator is specified, the "=" operator is
assumed. The key issue is that when using the "=" operator, AutoFilter performs
a textual match, while using any other operator results in a match by value.
This gives us problems when trying to locate exact matches for dates and
numbers. If we use "=", Excel matches on the text that is displayed in the cell,
i.e. the formatted number. As the text displayed in a cell will change with
different regional settings and Windows language version, it is impossible for
us to create a criteria string that will locate an exact match in all locales.

There is a workaround for this problem. When using any of the other filter
criteria, Excel plays by the rules and interprets the criteria string according
to US formats. Hence, a search criterion of ">=02/01/2001" will find all dates
on or after 1st Feb, 2001, in all locales. We can use this to match an exact
date by using two AutoFilter criteria. The following code will give an exact
match on 1st Feb, 2001 and will work in any locale:

Range("A1:D200").AutoFilter 2, ">=02/01/2001", xlAnd, "<=02/01/2001"


Thanks Dave, After a while of beating my head against the desk i tried
this... Works great.

Private Sub Sort()

Dim Message, Title, MyValue
Dim ExactDate As Date
Dim ExactCriterion As String
Message = "Please Enter A Date, (mm/dd/yy)"
Title = "Title"
MyValue = InputBox(Message, Title)

ExactCriterion = Format(ExactDate, "mm/dd/yy")

Range("Headers").AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:=MyValue



Dave Peterson

First, I didn't notice this before, but I wouldn't use a name for my procedure
that was a method in excel's VBA. It may not confuse excel, but it might
confuse me.

And I don't see what your exactcriteria and exactdate variables are doing.

Personally, I don't like to let excel guess my range to filter. I'd rather
define the range explicitly.

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