AutoCorrect Option - PowerPoint 2007



hi community,

is there a way to reset the "Stop Automatically Change..",
I set a text, example, "ast", to be replace by "All Set Towards" and it
works fine whenever first time, by using the AutoCorrect method, but when I
deleted the text away, and on 2nd time when using the AutoCorrect method, it
will not work anymore? I need to create another new slide to have the
AutoCorrect option to work.

is there a way where I can use it continually even when I deleted the text
away within the same slide?

thanks community for the guidance

10s! :)


Hi oldLearner57,

Click the Office Button/PowerPoint Options/Proofing. See AutoCorrect
options. Click the button and you'll have options for AutoCorrect,
AutoFormat, & Smart Tags.


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