Auto wrap to another cell



I have an excel sheet with Column A rows 1 through 15 having the bottom of
each cell with a bottom border. The column width is 32. What I am looking
for is if you type in A1 and it goes to the end of the cell how can you make
is continue in A2 and so on. I am looking for doing this instead of a merge
cell or wrap text because I want to keep the format of the underlines under
each text and that is what the bottom borders is doing for me.

Thank you



Jim Thomlinson

What you are asking for is not supported. There is no way to skip to another
cell automatically while editing a cell.



Gord Dibben

You could type it all in one cell then wrap text and row autofit with
underline enabled.

No need for borders if all you want is the text underlined.

Otherwise you would need event code to split the text into individual cells
at a designated character length.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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