auto selection by FILTER




even when i manually select all data lines above the total line and apply
filter (alt+d+f+f XL07) the total line is selected and its giving me
headaches while sorting thru the filter and all...Y and any ways to get
around this???

Part Descrip Qty Unit Price Ext Price
A AAA 1 1 1.00
B BBB 2 2 4.00
C CCC 3 3 9.00
D DDD 4 4 16.00
Total 30.00


As long as you only have one total row (as in, no subtotals) in the column
that has the total you could filter for "does not contain" and filter out the
total. Then each time you filter, as long as it's not on that column, your
total row won't factor.

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