Auto merging existing contacts


Leon Polak

[I apologise if this is already covered, but I could not find it...]

Legendary people

Can you help?

At a meeting before our Uni rolled out Outlook 365 (around 2010/2011 from memory) a Microsoft specialist (I think he was from Microsoft Australia, butnot sure) said that there is a setting that automatically links contact information together of similar named people, that tries to join information together, to help you

So if you save a Dr BLOGGS (Medical) and his work number, and your daughtergoes to school with a Monica and Paul BLOGGS and you have home, mobile andother details for them, then Outlook will merge your entries and in to one, and you’ll get Dr Monica and Paul BLOGGS (Medical), work number (of Dr BLOGGS), home, mobile, etc (of Monica and Paul BLOGGS).

This is really great if it’s the same people

This is really REALLY bad if it’s different people

At the abovementioned meeting, the Microsoft dude said it was a setting that can be turned off – how can I turn it off? At the server level or at the client level? I’ve searched Mr Bing, Mr Google, here, etc but it’s giving me auto-complete info, etc, etc. Knowing what it is called would help.

Any help appreciated



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