auto filter on columns


Pam M

I have used auto filter where the drop down arrow appears in a column header
to allow filtering based on data in the rows. The ease of a drop down box is
so much better than typing your selection in Advanced filter.

Is there a way to auto filter or any other filter where you can select from
the column headers to show only certain columns? My huge spreadsheet has
vendors along the top and jobsite locations along the side. I can filter the
locations, but would also like to filter the vendors, so that for jobsite 1,
2, and 4, I would like to see vendors X, Y, and AB.


Did you think about pivot tables, you will be able to show only the
information you want, by customer, date, product etc

Pam M

I thought about that, but you can't do entry in the pivot table to update the
database. I want the user to be able to easily filter to the site(s) and
vendor(s), and then they enter the appropriate po pricing for that match.

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