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I am creating a database in which information is entered into a table through
a form. When the opertor opens an item he/she is required to enter
information about the item and the current date and a date 6 months from the
date when this information was added. Instead of the operator doing this I
would like to create a way for the program to do this for them.




Rick B

Why are you storing the date that is 6 months in the future? If the 'date
added' and the 'six month later date' never change, then you are storing
redundant data. When you need that date (I'll call it expiration date) then
simply calculate it. Storing data that can be calculated from other data is
not good database design.

Now, if that date COULD change and you simply want to default it to
AddedDate+6 months, then use the 'default' property of the field in your
form and use the DateAdd function to add 6 months to the DateAdded value.

The help file can help you with the syntax.

Rick B

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