auto date subform not working but it works outside the form



I asked this yesterday but have more info. Unfortunately I cannot find my
question from yesterday to add to it.

I created a separate form and then copied (or dragged) it to a form to make
it a subform. One control has a date entry which is auto by using default
Date(). It works in the form version but not in the subform version. The
strange thing is that when I change from Now() to Date() in the default it
changes in both the form and subform versions with the one change in either.
Both work in the form version but not the subform version. Any idea why that
could happen? Thanks very much,

Jeanette Cunningham

Hi Fred,
This is strange enough to sound like some corruption in the combined form
that has both main form and subform.
Try this:
Remove the subform source object from the main form.
Create a copy of the main form and put the subform on the copy.
Now test how the default date works.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia


Thanks Jeannette,
As it turns out I had (a while ago) linked the subform to the form using the
date and that was somehow messing up the results. Thanks very much for your
help as it caused me to delve deeper than I would have otherwise.

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