Authorizing RIS Server...problems lately


Cary Shultz

Howdy! Howdy!

As the subject line states, authorizing RIS Servers has
lately been a problem for me. The RIS Server is a Member
WIN2000 Server that is also the File Server - the DC is
currently the DHCP Server. I am using the Adminstrator
Account ( 100% a member of the Enterprise Admins group )
on both servers. We are talking one Domain/Tree/Forest
and one subnet. IP Addresses are in the same subnet with
the same Subnet Mask. There are no DNS issues ( tried
several utilities - I guess that I will use DNSLint and
Sonar tomorrow - if those apply ). DCDiag and Netdiag
show NO errors. BINL service is started and running on
the Member Server. There are no event id errors to speak

I give up and remove the DHCP Server from the DC and make
the Member Server the DHCP Server and I have no problems
authrozing it. As far as I am concerned that is fine.

Anything that I am missing. I have not had problems with
this before...Just lately seems I can not do it.

When it faile I am trying to authorize from the DC - which
is running the DHCP Server at the time I am trying - and
getting the "can not connect" red X...

Any tips would be appreciated...

Thanks all!





to configure ris you need to have DC, DHCP, DNS, and to be
member of the global admin group.

you wrote about 3 of those what about your DNS server.


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