Authentication issue (fun one)



Users in my Windows 2000 domain have somehow set their Internet Explorer to
remember previous logon passwords for authentication to the ISA proxy server.
Now when they change their password (domain level) they are prompted to enter
their new password each time they start Internet Explorer. The authentication
dialog is coming from the ISA server. If I force the users password on the
domain level (AD) to their old one everything is fine. What I take from this
is that their old password is saved somewhere and is not updated with the
change to their domain password. The system then uses their old password
initially and when that doesn't work they are prompted for another form of
authentication. They enter the correct password and all is well.

My question is does anyone know of a way to remove this saved password
whereever it exists? We have tried deleting the users roaming profile from
the XP box and recreating it but that doesnt work. It is almost like the
password is saved in a file on the XP system itself that is not tied to the
users roaming profile.

Don Varnau

This password may be in Ctrl Panel> User accounts< [username]> Manage
network passwords. I don't know where it's *really* stored.

And/or, a different setting in Internet Options> Security> Internet Zone>
Custom> User authentication- Logon may help.

Hope this helps,


I'm no expert, but have you tried clearing the passwords via the Autocomplete
function within Internet Explorer? i.e. Goto Internet Explorer Options,
Content, Autocomplete, Clear Passwords...


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