Auditing shared folders...



Hello, can you help me?
Our network is composed of an NT Domain administered by PDC and BDCs
NT4 Servers.
We also have a "Windows2000 Professional" pc used for shared folders.
People who connect to these folders, sometimes delete part of there
Accidentally, ok, but I'd like to know who, when and why ;-)
I tried to audit these folders, and followed the instructions found in
and old post
of this newsgroup, in particular:
1)- Enabled Local Security Settings-->Audit Policy--> Audit Object
2)- In the properties of the shared folders, tab "Auditing", I inserted
the name of the users
enabled to work with that folder.
Then I tried to create a file and to delete it. All right, but in the
Event Viewer I cannot
find a trace...

Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for my awful English.

Steven L Umbach

Did you select the two permissions for delete for success as the permissions
to audit. Are you seeing any object access events in the security log? ---

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