auditing calendars for time spent



I am trying to use my calendar to budget expenses by tracking appointments
and assigning time spent to projects. I have many recurring appointments, but
when I change view to "active appointments," none of my recurring
appointments show up. it looks like i have lots of free time. Any way to show
the 20 hours a week of 20 recurring appointments in my "active appointment"

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

Recurring appointments are a single appointment that occurs on multiple
dates, so in the table view you'll only see 1 appointment. If you need to
see multiple appointments (or if you enter notes for each specific
recurrence you should use individual appointments. You can break up the
recurring appointment by exporting the calendar to excel, delete the other
items from the spreadsheet leaving only the recurring events, then import
back into Outlook.

To make it easier you can list them in Excel and import to Outlook.

** Please include your Outlook version, Account type, and Windows Version
when requesting assistance **

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