audio visualization as background in ppt 2003



I'm wondering if there is a way to have the background of a ppt slide show be
an audio visualization like the ones found in windows media player or Itunes
for example. Basically the desired effect would be to have music playing
during the show and the visualization to correspond with that music behind
text. Any ideas?


I'm not sure that this will work with text or other objects on the slide, but
John Langhans of Microsoft recently posted this:

If you are using PowerPoint 2003, you can get Windows Media Player
visualizations to accompany your audio in PowerPoint by doing the following:

In Windows Media Player:
1) Create and save a playlist which contains the audio file(s) that you
want to play.
2) Play the playlist
3) Select the visualization you want to display while it's playing.
4) Close Windows Media Player

In PowerPoint:
5) Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Sound from file... to insert the playlist
into current slide (may have to choose to view "All files (*.*)")
6) Resize/Position the resulting 3:4 (aspect ratio) visualization frame
where you want it to appear during slide show
7) Verify and/or change any of its animation or media settings using the
Custom Animation taskpane or the Edit Movie command (PowerPoint treats
inserted playlists as inserted movies).
8) Play the slide show.

NOTE: The visualization used will depend on the system you are on when
displaying the show since it comes from system (Windows Media Player)
settings on the system and is not stored in the presentation in any way.


I was finally able to test this and because the visualizations are really videos
and videos always play on top, you won't be able to have text or any other
objects show up on the slide(s). But then, no one will read the text or look at
the other objects anyway if you've got one of those visualizations running.
Oct 12, 2017
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Hi the visualisation on PPT didn’t show the one I want despite choosing and using it in media player. Could you pls help? Thanks!

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