Audio pops at end of fade out



I have had a problem with WMM2.1 on several occasions: At the end of a clip
of music (from MP3) when the music fades out (using the 'fade out' option),
there is a short pop or burst of audio exactly when the clip should be
totally silent. The pop is just a fraction of a second. I can delete the
clip and drop it back in and configure it to fade out and it'll always do the
same thing. It happens with different audio files. I haven't tried to use
anything by MP3 files.

Thanks to a post from Papajohn, I have found one workaround: drop in a short
audio clip at the end of the one you want to fade out, and mute this short
clip. Then drag the short clip on top of the end of the main clip which
causes a cross fade between the two clips. Because the second clip is muted,
the end result is that the main clip fades out. The bonus here is that you
can control the duration of the fade out which you can't do with the
traditional 'fade out' option.

So thanks PJ. I'm curious if anyone else has had the same problem and if
using other types of audio files (non-MP3) fixes the problem.



That is a great tip to share.
As to the question yes using a "non-MP3" file such as a WMA or WAV file does
usually do the trick as well but then you lose that ability to control the
fade-out duration.


Are there any signs that WMM in Vista will have any real bug fixes or new
features? WMM is a great product and I admire its simplicity. Often I wish
that the product had more features in it, BUT I'd much rather have the bugs
fixed before MS adds any features. I think many users have experienced the
shortcomings of WMM such as lockups, hangs, odd behavior, etc. This is a
great product but I hope MS fixes those problems in Vista. Yeah I'd like to
see more advanced features too, but hopefully they can get the basics right.


PapaJohn \(MVP\)


I fully align with your sentiments... my usual input to Microsoft is to keep
Movie Maker as a starter entry-level app, and focus on making it the best
one by fixing any issues.

But we're in the minority. Most want more features, and there will be some
more in Vista's Movie Maker, but it'll still be the entry level app that it
is today....


I've been a PC user ever since using Apple II+'s and IIe's many years ago. I
have often thought about purchasing a Mac and have wondered if Mac's iMovie
would be the one reason to make the switch. I wonder how iMovie compares to

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

I go to Chicago about every 3 months, and go to the Apple store on Michigan
Avenue.... I just haven't gotten the knack of using iMovie enough to begin
to do a comparison.

It could be one reason, but I'd like to think there are other more important


I tried adding a short muted clip to the end of my audio file to fade it out,
but its not working for me it still doesnt fade out at all except for the
fraction of the second at the end of the clip what am i doing wrong?

Can someone post an exact step by step example of what they did?



I'm relatively new to WMM, (but I have about 2 years in Premier)

I have also been trying to eliminate the sudden audio "burst" at the
end of "audio fade out", the audio being part of a video clip.

I have tried:

1) Duplicating the audio by "control-dragging" the video to the Audio
track, then muting the original video and trying Papa John's crossfade
trick. It didn't work. In this case, WMM did fade in the extra muted
clip (I proved this by using a 5 second test tone audio clip and
unmuting it), but did NOT fade OUT the program audio that it is
overlapped with.

2) I created a 5 second "black, slient" WMV clip (using WMM, of course)
and overlapped this with the Video/Audio clip I'm trying to do the
fade-out on. Still, no dice.

The frustrating thing is that there are numerous other clips in the
same project, from the same original video shoot, that fade out
perfectly. A couple of days ago, I had another instance of the same
problem on another clip, ignored it for a while, and now (after
numerous other editing, saving, rebooting, etc) it's GONE, in other
words that clip works perfectly and I did not fix it (at least not on



What is the audio?
Is it an imported MP3 or is it the audio from a video clip?
Did you try saving to your computer and playing with a media player to see
if the "glitch" is still there?
If you did then how did you save the video (WMV or DV-AVI)?
Have a look at the "Movie Maker -> Trouble Shooting -> Audio Glitches" page
on my website.


I just wanted to add that I'm having the exact same problem, but with the
original audio (from the video clip). It seems mainly to occur with clips
that have background noise (wind, echo in a swimming pool complex). Even
muting the clip doesn't eliminate the anoying 'click' at the end, nor does
trimming the last few seconds off the entire clip

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