Attachment of files to oportunities



Dear all,

I work in a small company with aproximately 15 PC. We have a database of
aproximately 6.000 customers.

When I send an e-mail with an offer to a customer, I link it to a
opportunity. Then, if I open the oportunity I can see the e-mail and also the
attached files. The point is that if a remove the e-mail the attached files
are also removed from theopportunity (the e-mail remains). The only way I
think I can do it, is to link each file separetely but this is much slower
than the previous method. Is there any way to remove the mail without loosing
the attached files on the opportunity. At least, I want to see the file names
of the files I attached, this would be very helpful.

I don't know if this is a correct strategy to work with BCM because I
suposse that if I attach all the files it will grow up very quickly and
robably I will have problems but it is the fastest way to see what you have
sent to each customer.

I think that a good alternativi would be to see at least the file names as I

Waiting for your kind reply.






we have the same problem
if link an email with attachments to a project, then delete email from
outlook, attachments disappear
I have taken to adding the filenames to the body of the email
Dear ...
Attached you will find the following files:
file1, file2, file3, etc

a pain but at least i can later see what had been attached.
it would be great if bcm did this by itself but i dont' see a way





Dear Mark,

Thanks for your answer, I think that indicating the name of the attached
files on the e-mail body is a good solution. Anyway, I think that there must
be a way to make this automatically.

For example, I think that it is on Thunderbird that when you print an
e-mail, at the end it prints also the names of the attached files.

Do you think that this can be done using a macro? Unfortunately, I know how
to use PCs only user level, not programming.

Any help that someone could give would be helpful.



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