ATI AIW 9800 Pro Video Help



Hi All,

Hope someone here can identify my video problem and suggest a fix:

I'm using an ATI AIW 9800 PRO and have no problem playing DVD, ATI TV,
or most of the video clips from various sources on my computer with
Window Media Player . But occasionally, there are a few video clips
that have color completely out of whack, especially the "WATCH"
video clips which always displayed like this on my monitor:
From the image, we can see that there is no problem with static images,
such as the ad below the frame, but the video is played with colors
reducing to very basic Red Green Blue shading. I had tried to change
color depth from 32-bit to 16-bit, but the problem is still
there...Again, this is only for SOME of the video clip, and ALL of CNN
"WATCH" (stream?) clips.

Has anyone have the same problem? I would appreciate any pointer or
suggestions. Thank you in advanced!

My Hardware List:
Video Card: ATI AIW 9800 Pro, set at 1280x1024 32-bit color, 60Hz
Monitor: Samsung LCD 710N
Computer: Intel Pentium IV, 2GHz on ASUS ??? board.
OS: Windows XP Pro

First of One

In Windows Media Player:
Tools -> Options -> Performance tab -> Advanced

Uncheck "use video mixing renderer".

First of One

It's a quirk of the WMV acceleration feature ATi added in [I think] Catalyst
5.7. The only drawback to disabling the VMR renderer is that text-based
subtitles can no longer be displayed. DVD subtitles still work as usual.

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