Asus Crosshair 1V Formula Overclocking Problem



I am running a Phenom II X6 1090T with 4gb G-Skill F3-16000CL9-2GBRH water
cooled with ati 5870 on a corsair 1000w psu and three 1Tb Samsung f3 sata
drives with under xp presently running at default clock speeds which runs
perfectly stable and at good temperature never exceeding 40 degrees under
allsorts of stress testing however I have been trying to over clock this
system . I have heard and read in forums many people have easily obtained
4.0 GHz under air cooling even yet as soon as I try and over clock even
using the auto over clock in the bios the system crashes. The only non
default system bios setting has all six cores locked in for use all the
time. The only obvious problem is after every crash core five becomes
switched off. Is there anyone out there running this board and processor who
has successfully over clocked with good stability. If so could you post your
setting used in the bios and any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.


?>I am running a Phenom II X6 1090T with 4gb G-Skill F3-16000CL9-2GBRH

Well I easily reached 4ghz with both the x4 and this x6 on the gigabyte
890gx mobo with noctua DH-14 aircooler, by simply changing the muliplier &
raising the core voltage, so yours should oc quite a bit. The first thing
I'd do is check for the latest system bios on the asus site. Then, since
your having such issues ocing at all, I'd first make a boot usb flashdrive
with memtest86 on it, and use that to test with before attempting to boot
into windows and risking harddisk corruption.

Also I suggest setting your memory to manual bios settings at whatever the
suggested timings are and verifying that the memory multiplier is not
overclocked, then start bumping the core multiplier & core voltage notch by
notch using memtest86 to test stability. I'm currently at 17x240=4080mhz
@1.5v, which you should be able to reach easily eventually.


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