Asus A8V Deluxe SATA not found in WIndows XP


Ryan Hubbard

We just put together a box with the Asus A*V Deluxe motherboard. The
bios is set to use IDE and not Raid. We have a Plextor DVD SATA drive
plugged into the SATA_1 and we have tried the SATA_2. On bootup bios
sees the Plextor drive but when we get into windows it can't see it.
We've installed the Promise controller drivers and in device manager

"WinXP Promise SATA 378 IDE Controller"
"Promise SATA console SCSI processor"

under SCSI Raid Controllers. Both are working. What could be wrong




Goto Control Panel / Admin Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management

Do the hdd's show there? If they do, select it right mouse / format

They should then appear in My Computer.

John Hollingsworth

Paul thanks for the reply but it's not a Hard drive it's a Plextor DVD
Not sure I picked up all the previous posts.

If loading XP or 2K you need to press F6 in the install to load the
Promise drivers.

If using XP64 beta, AFAIK, you can only use it with RAID, again using F6
after setting up the RAID array. You need special 64 bitpromise drivers
for this.


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Go to the same place. Give it a letter (change drive letter and path)
Ryan. It should appear

Ryan Hubbard

Thank you both for you responses but first the drive does not appear
in the device manager so I can not assign it a drive letter. This is
the problem. The drive does not appear in Windows XP 32 bit edition.
Windows is already installed when we put in the Serial ATA Plextor DVD
drive. The Promise drivers have been installed in windows
successfully but it still does not appear. Any ideas?




BUT does it show under control panel/admin tools/computer management
/ disk management? if it does, highlight the DVD then give it a letter.

This isnt the device manager.

Is there an icon under the above path, with no letter in it?

If there is, highlight it / rmb/give it a letter. Or go into the BIOS
Is there an option for enhanced mode change it to this
and if theres an option in BIOS for PATA/SATA change it to
this as well. See what happens.

Mark Whippey

I think you'll find that the problem is that your Plextor DVD drive is one
of the first SATA ATAPI devices to become available and (as you'll see
from page 2-25 of the A8V Deluxe manual) the Promise SATA20378 does not
support ATAPI drives (either PATA or SATA).

You can only use the SATA20378 for hard drives (PATA or SATA) - any ATAPI
devices (DVD drives, CD drives, etc) will have to be put on the other
(VIA) controller. The manual does not say that this VIA controller does
not support ATAPI devices so I presume that it should work OK on that one.




Armin Pfeffer

Paul thanks for the reply but it's not a Hard drive it's a Plextor DVD drive.
IIRC my promise raid controller does NOT support optical drives on my
P4 C880-E DLX.
Check, if it does on your board

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