Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura Motherboard


Mar 25, 2003
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Tom's Hardware have reviewed the Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura Motherboard - here's a snippet:

Zen, oh Zen, when will you get here? AMD enthusiasts are chomping at the bit for the latest and greatest from Advanced Micro Devices, and we are about to lose our minds. Rather than cry myself to sleep waiting for the boards to arrive, I decided to look at the many other boards that are relevant to my interests. In response to my previous article, many people asked, "Why would anyone drop money on such an old chipset?" Well, some people are just getting into the PC-building hobby; others are replacing broken hardware, and some just love AMD products and want to spend more of their money on other components.

ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Aura.jpg

Read more here.


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