Assign today's date to field based on combo box choice



I have three fields on a form named:

‘Status’ <combo box>
‘Resolved Date’ <linked to ‘Resolved Date’ in ‘Cases1’ table>
‘Closed Date’ < linked to ‘Closed Date’ in ‘Cases1’ table>

Based on the choice in the ‘Status’ field on the form; (‘Resolved’ or
‘Close) I want to auto-populate ‘Resolved Date’ or ‘Closed Date’ fields with
today’s current date.

The follow expression produces a ‘#Error’ error in the ‘Resolved Date’ and
‘Closed Date’ fields on the form.

I’d really appreciate some assistance with this.

Thanks in advance.



Sorry..., forgot to provide the expression:


I'm adding this to the control source of the 'Resolved Date' field on the

Oddly enough, it suddenly decided to work..., but unfortunately it seems to
disable the field..., that is manually entering a different date or choosing
a different date from the date picker produces a blank.

thanks again.

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