ASP.NET Session Lost (SQL State Server)



Hi there,

We have an (1.0) web application running on a 6 nodes web farm
(Network Load balancing windows 2003 iis 6.0) using a sql state server
(SQL 2000 running on windows 2003).

Sessions are generally working quite well but we are sometimes
experiencing session problems: all session variables are cleared
without any apparent reasons. What is really weird is that only some
some sessions are lost and most of them are working fine.

We have checked most of the KB Stuff and did not find anything applying

to us.

Any Ideas?



Marina Levit [MVP]

It sounds like maybe something happensto one of the web servers? Not sure
why that would kill a subset of the sessions though.

As an aside, you might want to look into upgrading .NET. If not 2.0, then
at least 1.1.

Jeff Dillon

I've seen a dozen posts like this over the last few weeks. I think something
is going on (a bug). Some things that have been discussed are processes like
file search/indexing or antivirus programs touching the files somehow, and
triggering an application restart. Sorry, don't have any details.


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