ASP.NET / .NET 2.0 In Production Enviroment?



Hi Everyone-

I am working on an implementation of BI reports using Crystal Reports
and ASP.NET (C#) for a project which has a go-live date of the 10th of
October 2005. Given that Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 is currently
in Beta2 would you suggest that I use 2.0 for development or use 1.1
and VS2003 instead? This is more of an opinion thread however I know
that some of you may have more knowlege as to release date of .NET 2.0
final build and other pertinate information. The .NET Framework 2.0
would need to be installed on a production web server. I know that
Crystal Reports XI is out and that VS2005 will soon have integration
with it whereas VS2003 runs off Crystal 9 instead of Crystal 10 which
is in VS2005.

Thanks for your responses and opinions!

-David Underwood




Hi david, 2.0 currently has a release date of around 7/11/2005.
I believe the latest beta has a go-live license, meaning it can be used in
production bu MS will offer no support.
---although others here might be able to offer more advice on this.


Steve C. Orr [MVP, MCSD]

I do not suggest installing beta software on a production server.
Since this particular beta 2 seems to be reasonably stable, I might make an
exception provided it was on a server isolated from other mission critical
business applications.

Mark Shehan

I have a number of live sites out there. There is a go live license and the
system is a lot more stable (my biggest problems seem to be with IDE
installs than the actual .NET running itself).

I do recommend a dedicated server until the final release just in case
anything goes wrong but this is a very stable release and the new controls
in ASP .NET 2 save so much time and make everything so much quicker to
develop that makes it worth the risk. I also think that it is easier to
build new applications in .NET2 than the hassle of converting them in a few
months time




Thanks for all of your replies. It just so happens that the news of
today was that Nov. 7 will be the launch date for .NET 2.0, Visual
Studio 2005 and others ( Due
to this recent new and the information I received on here I plan on
moving forward with development using VS2005 b2 with this project.
Thanks again for your comments, have a wonderful day everyone!


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