[ask]How recover Administrator user profile on Windows 2000 ?



Hi all

Yesterday when I shut down ( the windows says "saving your personal
setting ..." )my computer I lost my electrocity, and when I boot my
computer again, it seems OK, it shows the username and password logon
screen. But after I enter my password ( administrator's password ) It
stop responding ( I've been waiting it loading untill 7 hours and it
still show the same window... The loading your personal setting window.

This thing ever happen to me a years a go and I do the fresh install,
but now, I think fresh install is not an option.

I have a profile backup ( I've created the profile copy through :
Control Panel->System-> Advance -> USer Profile -> Copy To ) on my
cdrom backup, but I dont know how to recover ( use ) it.

The Administrator user ( wich is corrupted ) is the only user at
Administrator groups.

Tonight I've tried to repair my windows using my Windows 2000 setup CD,
And I choose Repair on the "Install Now" (Enter) and ther chose
"Repair" When the setup found my windows, but it doesnt work :(

Please help me :)

Thank you verrymuch.




Hello (e-mail address removed),

Did you try to login with the "Last Known good configuration" after pressing
F8 button? Or with the "Safe mode" option?

Best regards

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