Array formula returns blank in the cell where it is entered



Hello. Has anyone had the problem where an array formula appears blank
within the cell? For example, I have the following array formula in
cell G8:


I am trying to find the first value within a row of blank cells and
only a few non-blank cells. After entering the formual and hitting
CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER to activate the array, the cell is blank. Clicking
the cell shows the formula in the address bar, but there is no result.
The cell appears blank when not active. This exact formula works in
another spreadsheet, but obviously is not working in my current
spreadsheet. The only difference is that the working spreadsheet was
created in an older version of excel and the current spreadsheet is in
v2003. Thanks.


ps - the following is the working formula from another spreadsheet.

=INDEX(B13:AK13, MATCH(TRUE, B13:AK13<>0,0))




There could be whitespaces within the range H8:AF8
Perhaps try it with a TRIM as (array-entered):

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