Are custom security settings remembered if I switch to default level?



Over the years, I have made changes to the 'Custom Level' Security
settings in IE. Occasionally, when diagnosing a problem, I will be
asked to switch to the default settings. Of course, that's because the
customer support person I'm dealing with doesn't want to take the time
to check the one or two specific settings that are germane to the
problem I'm having with their web site, and they just want to take the
easy way out.

If I want to temporarily switch to the default settings, will IE
"remember" my custom level settings, so that when I click on Custom
Level, I'll be right back to where I was before? Or will I have to
start from scratch and recreate all the changes I made over the years?
I'm hoping that this is different than actually going into the Custom
Level and saying "Reset".

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