Applying CSS in Expression Web



We have FrontPage at the moment and are thinking of switching to Expression
Web so I have downloaded a trial version and testing it at the moment for our

However I am unable to apply the CSS's to new text. The CSS file we use is
succesfully attached and the styles appear in the 'Manage Style' box. But
when I type new text I'm unable to apply one of our styles. Only on text that
has a style already I can chose and apply a new style (right click, apply),
but with new text when I right click on the style to apply it, it is
greyed-out. I've followed the tutorials and help files with no luck and on
the phone they told me they can't give me any technical support and adviced
me to post my issue here.

Obviously I would need to know whether this product works before we proceed
with the purchase.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



David Berry

You should ask this question in the Expression Web news group since it's not
a FrontPage issue



Andrew Murray

And dont forget to add a link to the external CSS file if that's what you're

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