Application Pool - Worker Process; Idle Timeout


Gordon Smith

I'm just getting up to speed on Application Pools in IIS6 and I'm wondering
if there would be any good reason to stick with the default value of [20
minutes] for the Idle Timeout value for Worker processes (found in IIS
Manager, Worker Pool Properties | Performance tab). I'm thinking about
setting it to something much higher - like close to 24 hours - so that the
Web sites on my server don't incur the delay when first requested after an
idle timeout (specifically, that delay would be experienced less frequently
and by fewer users because the idle timeout would occur less frequently).

Thoughts? Opinions? Recommendations?


Curt_C [MVP]

big reason... memory.. if you are going to put it to a high number watch for
a MAX value, or your pool could drop your server to a crawl.

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