Application Pool Question


Jeremy S.

In application pools there are two property settings (amongst others):
1. Recycle Worker Process (in minutes)
2. Idle Timeout - shut down worker process after being idle for (in

My question: IF the Idle Timeout value is reached BEFORE the Recycle minutes
are reached, then will the worker process effectively recycle? More
specifically, if the Recycle Worker Process (in minutes) is set to 100
minutes AND the Idle Timeout is set to 20 minutes; THEN am I correct in
thinking that at 20 minutes the worker process will shut down completely -
only to be restarted on the next request (effectively restarted)?


William F. Robertson, Jr.

I believe recycling an AppPool is the same thing as shutting down the
process and restarting it.

If the Idle time is reached, the process will shutdown, only to start up
again on the next request. If requests constantly come in, then after 100
minutes, the process will shutdown, and a new one will be starting on the
next request.

If anyone knows differently, let me know.


Kevin Spencer

Yup, you're correct.


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
..Net Developer
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