Application pool and Worker process



I guess I'm a litte bit confused about app pool and worker process.

In IIS 6.0 We have a concept of worker processes and application pools. As I
understand it, we can have multiple worker process per appliction pool. Each
worker process is dedicated to a pool. If I assign only one application to a
applicaton pool then:

1) Can I have multiple worker processes assigned to that pool? If yes,what
is the advantage of doing so?

2) if the answer to the above question is yes,Will my application be
processed by many worker processes?

3) let's assume there are three worker processes in my application pool and
each one is for one application -App1,App2,App3 -How do I share an object
between all these three application ? about the state I guess I have to use
an state management tool from outside ,but about application variables I am
not sure.

Thanks a lot for your time

Karl Seguin

No. That's the point of tha ApplicationPool, all applications within the
pool share the same worker process.

Despite sharing the same worker process, they reside in different
AppDomains. The main way to communicate between AppDomains is to use .NET

You should take a quick look at:



Thanks for your reply,

So from what you've said ,if I assign 3 apps to a single application pool
,they are all in one worker process ,but in differnt App domains,right?
(ofcourse if they are written by .Net as the article states)



No. That's the point of tha ApplicationPool, all applications within the
What if we create a web garden? then there are multiple worker processes in
one application pool,right?


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