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Valentin Kotelnitski


I have got an application (some part of which is written by me).
There is a control on which events are blocked (not processed)
(do not work OnPaint, OnMouseDown, OnMouseOver and other
event raising functions).
I have to unblock OnPaint method or to call it somehow to draw the control

I have got a question: How to determine where application events
are blocked or how to create OnPaint arguments (Graphics and Rectangle)
programmatically to force OnPaint call by extern method?

Also I would say there are windows and controls with overrided WndProc,
but the control does not inherit them and events are not blocked in them.

What are .NET filtering events methods,
except WndProc and AddMessageFilter? (their names and keywords?)



Teimuraz Abashidze

If you are from Rostov, please respond ASAP. I'm looking for you during a long time. My email is (e-mail address removed). I'm temuri Abashidze from Tbilisi, Georgia. - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

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