Appending mutiple reports to PDF using VBA.


The Flash

I have 2 separate reports in the same database that I want merged together in
a PDF file as opposed to creating 2 separate PDF documents and then coping
and pasting the pages in Adobe.

I have 1804 pages on each report and manually copying each pdf document
would take for ever. The order would be (Report 1 Pg 1, Report 2 Pg 1),
(Report 1 pg 2; Report 2 pg 2) and so on.

Could anyone or everyone please give me an code example of how to append
multiple Access reports to one PDF file? Any help would be greatly

Daniel Pineault

Is there a reason why you wouldn't simply make a report which combine your 2
reports for you that way you don't need to mess around with automating PDF
Hope this helps,

Daniel Pineault
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The Flash

Well the first report contains the related data from my database. The Second
report is simply a document stating the purpose of the first record. I used
all of my headers and footers on the first document so i'm out of page space
for the second.

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