append query key violations



I need to run a query that appends records from a table to the exact same
table in another database. I run it, and it it refuses to add the new records
saying that there are key violations. And yet if I do a copy and paste
append, it will work. (see SQLcode below)

I've done all the obvious -- made sure the primary key wasn't duplicated,
made sure referential integrity wasn't violated, etc.

Any ideas? thanks!

INSERT INTO Students ( UI, IDCon, FName, LName, BusEmail, Address, City,
State, Zip, Zip4, EMail, IndPhone, CellPhone, DayPhone, CareType, Comments,
FCCCertified, CountyContract, HomeCenter, Business, BusAddress, BusCity,
BusState, BusZip, BusZip4, BusFax, DOB, SID, BusPhone, BMonth, BDay, OELov,
ITov, NEW ) IN 'K:\CCC Database.mdb'
SELECT iStudents.UI, iStudents.IDCon, iStudents.FName, iStudents.LName,
iStudents.BusEmail, iStudents.Address, iStudents.City, iStudents.State,
iStudents.Zip, iStudents.Zip4, iStudents.EMail, iStudents.IndPhone,
iStudents.CellPhone, iStudents.DayPhone, iStudents.CareType,
iStudents.Comments, iStudents.FCCCertified, iStudents.CountyContract,
iStudents.HomeCenter, iStudents.Business, iStudents.BusAddress,
iStudents.BusCity, iStudents.BusState, iStudents.BusZip, iStudents.BusZip4,
iStudents.BusFax, iStudents.DOB, iStudents.SID, iStudents.BusPhone,
iStudents.BMonth, iStudents.BDay, iStudents.OELov, iStudents.ITov,
FROM iStudents;

Jerry Whittle

What happens if you link to the table first instead of using the IN 'K:\CCC
Database.mdb' syntax?