AppDomains at runtime


Arjan de Haan


Is it possible to list during runtime the different AppDomains which are
created within a process?


Arjan de Haan

Peter said:
15 seconds with Google turned up this:

Hm. Searched with Google on AppDomains in combination with various other
terms, but not with enumerating.

That was five years ago, so maybe something's been added to .NET, but I
don't see it if it has been. You probably need to go unmanaged to get
the information.

See here for more details:

Hopefully the interface still has an implementation in the .NET 2.0 CLR;
the documentation states that a new interface has superseded this one,
and the new interface doesn't have the EnumDomains() functin in it.

Thank you Pete. I'll probably start with the first link you provided
which seems like easier to implement.


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