App doesn't work for normal users


Chris Boggs

We run an application called Reflections that is
basically an emulator for an AS/400 system. Our users
connect through Terminal Services on 2 seperate domains.
One domain is an NT4.0 domain, the other one is a 2000AD
domain. This program has always worked fine on the 4.0
domain, and it works fine on one of the TermServers on the
AD domain. I'm trying to bring a second TermServer online
on the AD domain, and this application gives me the
following error when I try to run it as a regular
user, "Windows registry update has failed: key .rsf.
Reflection may not be avaliable via OLE Automation." This
message appears for users in the users group, but not for
administrators. The help Reflections gives me is that the
users need to be administrators, but an entire company of
administrators is not a pleasent thought. I doubt anyone
has had this specific error, but has anyone had a similar
problem or provide any insight as to where I might look to
resolve this so all users can user this application
without the error message? Any help is appreciated.
Jan 24, 2007
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We are also having the same issue as you have described, we use Reflections as an emulator to our IBM I5 (replaced our old AS400). Our uses connect through a citrix farm on an NT4 domain.

Any help would be apprecaited
Jul 21, 2008
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Running as an administrator (or even the Administrator user) did not do the trick for me, nor did the /NOOLE switch. To fix this, I had to run the program once in Windows 95 Compatibility Mode.

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