Anyone using



Still trying to decide which AJAX framework to play with to get my hands
dirty with it.

I've been reading up on all the Atlas stuff, but came across
and it seems to have a unique feature where you simply have a 'magic panel'
and all of your regular postback calls are automatically converted into AJAX
calls. The benefit seems to be that the site will still work just fine using
typical server-side logic if the jaascript portion doesn't/can't execute.

How does that compare to Atlas? With Atlas, is one forced to use IE or Moz
and javascript otherwise it just doesn't work? Or is the 'progressive
enhancment' concept work within Atlas as well?



Both MagicAjax and have this feature. I've used both. The
is yours, they are both excellent. If you look on, you
see that there is more interest and activity (and more contributors) for

"Please note that you need to be a fairly experienced ASP.NET developer in
order to use Anthem to its fullest."

That's a bit scary, though ;o)

So, I agree, I'd probably want to go with the one with more activity.

Is it fair to say both of these differ from Atlas in how they apply the AJAX
calls, then? ATLAS looks pretty cool, but seems to intertwine the AJAX and
server logic to a greater degree.


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