anyone help me please...



my prog works like this...i had created a summary report form where there is
a text box, data grid and a button. when the user enter the customer id in
the text box and press the button, the data grid will show the particulars
about that customer id only....may i know how to pass the value from that
text box to the database and display the value? below are my part of my

SqlDataReader rdr = null;
con = null;
SqlCommand cmd = null;
// Open connection to the database
string ConnectionString
= "server=CPQ82156712159; database=Call Billing System";
con = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString);
// Set up a command with the given query and associate
// this with the current connection.
string CommandText = "SELECT Cust_ID" +
" FROM Call_Details_Record";
cmd = new SqlCommand(CommandText);
cmd.Connection = con;
rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
textBox1.Text = rdr["Cust_ID"].ToString();


catch(Exception ex)
// Print error message
// Close data reader object and database connection
if (rdr != null)

if (con.State == ConnectionState.Open)
Please tell me what to do in a detail steps...thanks...ur help is much



Nick Malik [Microsoft]

change the following lines
string CommandText = "SELECT Cust_ID" +
" FROM Call_Details_Record Where Cust_ID = '" + MyTextBox.Text + "'";

This is not the preferred way to do this, but I don't want to overwhelm you
with details. You are clearly a novice.

May I suggest that you could really benefit from a training course, or a
book that would walk you through a complex example step-by-step?

--- Nick Malik [Microsoft]
MCSD, CFPS, Certified Scrummaster

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this forum are my own, and not
representative of my employer.
I do not answer questions on behalf of my employer. I'm just a
programmer helping programmers.

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