Any Ideas? Need strategy



I have a few suppliers with several hundred products that
I use in my business (not resold). I need a way to track
the prices of these products so that I can see when they
increase. I used to do it the old fashioned a
spiral bound notebook! Each page had the product part
number and description on the top line and a column for
the date and a column for the price. Every time a new
order came in, I would look up the part number in the
notebook and fill in the date and price. Pretty simple
but with the vast amount of information it became

Could someone please recommend a strategy? Should I use
Access or Excel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




I'll take a stab at this. Access would work nicely. I
envision 2 tables. Table one contains product part number
and description. The part number is the primary key.
(This is how you will uniquely identify your products).
Table two contains product part number, a date, and a
price. The primary key here is product part number and
date. (Can have product part number occurring multiple
times, but should only have 1 unique product part number
for a given date.) There should be a 1 to many
relationship (table one to table two). You can use form
wizard to create an easy form to enter your data. Good

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