Any correct way to disconnect temporarily BCM from Outlook 2007 ?



I need sometimes to start "clean" Outlook with mail/calendar data only but
without BCM connected to it. Sometimes it's also necessy to "lock" BCM
information on PC, so that another person working under same Windows account
could not alter it by accident.

In Outlook 2003 with BCM I used very "rude" solution - stopped BCM system
service via Administration tools -> Services and temporarily removed *.mdf
and *.ldf files from ...Local Settings\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager\

To "unlock" BCM data I returned *.mdf and *.ldf files back and restarted BCM

With Outlook 2007 and new BCM this became impossible - if files are removed
and then returned back, BCM for Outlook 2007 on start complains it cannot
connect to physical files *.mdf and *.ldf because they are missing (they are
actually on place, but BCM cannot "see" them). Another error appearing after
such actions is failure of Windows Desktop Search service.
Seems that I repaired this mess by changing log on procedure of SQL Server
from "Network" to "Local System" (tip from some KB article), but afraid to
repeat "experiment".

So my question is as described in subject - how it is possible to
disable-disconnect-hide (whatever term is preferred) BCM in the system and
later correctly connect it back to Outlook without big mess.

Outlook has local installation, using internet mail and *.pst file - no MS
Exchange or something (if it matters).

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