Any code sample to loop through Office Ribbon for OfficeID?



Hi I have recently downloaded from Microsoft site a document listing the
OfficeID for Ribbon designer. Data Mining tab was not in it, which is fair
enough I guess, since Data Mining is an Add-Ins from MSSQL.

So I still have the problem, attempt to add a button to the Data Mining
Ribbon. Specifying OfficeID = TabDataMining did not work for me. Still in
doubt if it can be achieved.

The next thing I have in mind is perhaps to loop through the RibbonTabs and
display the tab names for me, hoping I can discover what OfficeID has MSSQL
given the Data Mining tab. But I can't seem to find any sample code to do
this. Has anybody tried to do something similar before?

Many thanks in advance.

t t


I am also interested in the answer to this question. I am also looking for the ribbon control ID for the Data Mining tab/group.


t t

I am also interested in knowing what is the ribbon code for the data mining tab/group.


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