Annoying event log error


Rob Meade

Lo all,

I am getting an annoying error in the event log (bottom of post) - I'm using
Windows 2003 Server, the error appears to be random for timing, but whats
more annoying is the suggested user action - I have Messenger 6.0 running -
so surely thats at least 4.6 or above? But yet I still get the error? Any
help is appreciated.



Error :

Product:Windows Operating System
Message:The COM+ Event System failed to fire the %3 method on subscription
%2. The subscriber returned HRESULT %1.%0

This is a COM+ (Component Object Model) event system error related to
Microsoft Windows Messenger or Microsoft MSN Messenger. The HRESULT return
code specifies the type of error. For example, HRESULT 80004001 (E_NOTIMPL)
indicates the subscribed event is either not implemented or is unable to
reach the subscriber due to insufficient application updates.

User Action
To resolve this COM+ event system error, please upgrade to at least Windows
Messenger 4.6 or MSN Messenger 4.6 from the following Microsoft Web site:

Kevin McNiel [MSFT]

If the event you are seeing is referring is a message stating that a new
version of Messenger is available, I believe that is referring to Windows
Messenger which I believe is up to version 4.7 or 5.0. Version 6 is likely
referring to MSN Messenger. Knowledge Base article 330117: "Running Both
Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger 5.0 in Windows XP"
(;EN-US;330117) discusses
running both versions in Windows XP (I realize you are running Windows 2000,
but article is referenced for support information). Let us know if this
doesn't shed some light on the issue.

Kevin McNiel, MCSE/MCSA
Platform Server Setup Group

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